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Find Balance In Your Life With Yoga

Health & Fitness | September 8, 2017 | By

The secret for a balanced life is a balanced body, and yoga is one of the most effective activities to achieve this important aspect of our lives.

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition that is now practiced all over the world because of its innumerable benefits. The practice is a complex of physical exercises (“Asanas”, the many positions that you should reach during the practice), of breathing exercises (“Pranayama”, the breath control) and of spiritual exercise, meditation.

But let’s see how practicing yoga can improve your lifestyle. First of all, you should know that the word “Yoga” literally means “union”. So, what does yoga unite? This is a reasonable question, and the answer might be really complex since the philosophy on which yoga is based is very complicated. Basically, yoga has two “union purposes”:

  • The union between the self and the inner world;
  • The union between the self and the outer world.

Let’s talk about the first: during the practice, all the Asanas (the postures) promote an interior connection between the mind, the soul and the body, and re-balance the flow of energy. These are the inner conditions needed to ease all the tensions, relieve the stress, and finally find inner peace. The practice of Pranayama allows you to establish a deep connection between your mind and your body, since you have to focus on the rhythm of your inhalation and exhalation; this kind of practice is important to get great body awareness.

Let’s now talk about the latter, analyzing some of the practice issues that improve the quality of our lives. First of all, doing yoga can increase your self-esteem; in fact at the beginning of your “yoga journey”, probably you won’t be as flexible or strong as you should be to perform Asanas in the best way. Keeping practicing you will see a transformation in your muscles, joints and tendons that will allow you to fold deeper and flow stronger between the poses. Achieving these physical goals will inspire you confidence in your possibilities, so you will feel more conscious about yourself, you will see in a different way all the situations and problems in your life, and you will be able to solve them when possible, and to peacefully accept them when you can’t do anything to change them.

Practicing also relaxes your nervous system, helps you sleeping deeply, so you will feel more rested, and this will make you feel less tense and anxious. Moreover, yoga releases endorphins, so after the practice you will feel happy and satisfied for the whole day. That’s why yoga can help you a lot in improving your social relationships: since you will feel relaxed and calm from the inside, you will be more sympathetic and open with other people.

But what if you don’t have time to practice? One hour looks like an eternity in a busy day, but there is something you can do even in fifteen or twenty minutes: I’m talking about Surya Namaskara, as known as “sun salutation”. It’s a routine, which increases your energy, strengthens your muscles and relaxes your whole body in the end.

So, if you’re looking for a more balanced life, you should try first to find an inner balance, which can be achieved by practicing yoga! A yoga program that I personally use called Namaste Yoga is really great for beginners. They take you through each position step by step. Each workout is short and easy to follow. If your interested in learning yoga this is where I would start.










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