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Slow Roasted Pernil (Pork Shoulder)

This slow roasted pernil is a Puerto Rican dish commonly made during Christmas but in my house we make it all year around. While roasting in the oven get ready because your home will be filled with the mouth watering aroma of garlic, cumin, and bay leaves making this pernil the most flavorful and tender fall off the bone dish you have ever had!  The shoulder is an inexpensive cut of pork allowing you to feed a large crowd for pennies on the dollar. Pernil once roasted can be used in countless amount of dishes like tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, crisped up and added to your mangu, in chili, your morning hash, and, the most popular way, homemade cuban sandwiches. Omg they are the best! The list goes on. There are two ways to slow roast your pork shoulder, either in the oven low and slow or in a crock pot where you can “set it and forget it”. In the recipe below I give directions for both ways.


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