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Mama’s Macaroni Salad

You have not lived until you try Mama’s Macaroni Salad! This sweet and savory pasta salad will make the perfect side to any summer bbq and will easily become your go to comfort dish. It’s so good that my mother in law (you all know her as Mama from Mama’s Beef Stew recipe) is not allowed to attend any family bbq’s or dinners without bringing her amazingly delicious macaroni salad. I know what your thinking….I thought it was silly too until I tried Mama’s Macaroni Salad myself. It has you wanting more every time. The saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the pineapple mixed with the creaminess of the dressing….OMG! I just can’t! This macaroni salad was my ultimate craving the whole 9 months of my pregnancy. It’s also so easy to put together. Simply boil the pasta and mix everything together. That’s it! You don’t believe me? Here I’ll show you….


Vegetable Fried Rice – Homemade Chinese Takeout

Pasta & Rice, Sides | October 7, 2016 | By

vegetable fried rice

Hands down the best Vegetable Fried Rice I have ever made and I am not saying this just because I made it. It really is that good. I was always intimidated by cooking Chinese food because it never came out like the restaurants until this recipe. This fried rice was better than anything you will ever order from take out hands down and its ridiculously easy to make. Now I will be honest about something. As you can see from this post I do not have step by step pictures like I normally do. This is because I genuinely didn’t think this recipe attempt was going to be any different than all the others. Every other time I’ve made fried rice it was good but something was always missing. Boy oh boy did this recipe surprise me when it came out so good! All the flavors just melded together perfectly. And can you believe it happen because I was missing a super important ingredient?!


Rustic Vegetable Lasagna

vegetable lasagna

A lot of people associate spaghetti and meatballs with being the “signature Italian dish” but did you know that this recipe originated here in America. If you go to Italy, you will not find a dish called spaghetti and meatballs. And if you do, it is probably to satisfy the palate of the American tourist.


Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Beans)

Pasta & Rice, Sides | August 6, 2015 | By

Arroz con Gandules

I used to think it was really difficult to make Arroz con Gandules. Dave and I tried a few times when were just starting out and it turned out more like rice pudding than anything else. It wasn’t until a few months ago when we asked Dave’s Puerto Rican grandmother Grandma Minnie for her recipe. She’s too cute. She said and I quote, “It’s like making white rice but you add ham, sofrito, and a can of Gandools.” Sometimes I think Grandma Minnie is more Italian than I am. I love her. Well, we followed her advice and for the first time it came out perfect and it was really simple to make! I couldn’t be more excited to finally be able to make yummy “Arroz con Gandools”!


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