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Java Day Cafe in Flushing, NY

Restaurants, Reviews | November 11, 2016 | By

java day cafe review

Located in Flushing, NY Java Day Cafe has to be hands down one of my favorite breakfast spots of all time. The portions are big, the prices are great, and the quality of food is excellent. The employees are all very hospitable and the owner Diana is always very sweet and really makes an effort to remember her customers and makes them feel like home. Java Day Cafe offers a great variety of dishes from bagels and wraps to omelets and large breakfast platters. It’s a great place to bring the family, hang out with friends or sit and enjoy a great meal and some quality me time.


Habichuela Guisadas (Stewed Red Beans)

Sides | November 10, 2016 | By

habichuelas guisadas

Habichuelas Guisadas or Stewed Red Beans is a classic Puerto Rican dish normally served over white rice. Growing up this was a staple in Dave’s childhood. His Grandma Minnie would make Habichuelas Guisadas and rice with almost every meal. With the big family that Dave had growing up it was a quick and inexpensive way to make sure everyone was fed and happy. For Dave this dish has become a nostalgic comfort food. Now we get to pass down this dish to our family. Stewed beans are so simple to make and only take a few on hand ingredients. It’s the perfect weeknight dinner idea for every season.


Ceviche de Camarones (Shrimp Ceviche)

Appetizers & Snacks, Seafood | November 9, 2016 | By


Ceviche de Camarones has to one of my favorite quick weeknight meals. It takes no time to prepare and is so full of flavor. Ceviche can be enjoyed over warm white rice as a main course or even as an impressive appetizer at your next holiday party! Serve with crispy tostones or Tostitos chips and let your guest dig in! Besides being incredibly delicious did you know that shrimp ceviche is one of the best guilt free things to eat when trying to lose weight! It’s high in essential nutrients and low in calories. Fish is recommended to people with high cholesterol levels, those at risk of heart disease, and even people who seek to stave of senile dementia, or Alzheimer’s Disease. Eating more fish is a great way to lose weight and stay fit! 


French Onion Soup Sliders

Appetizers & Snacks, Beef | November 8, 2016 | By

French Onion Slider

These french onion soup sliders are packed with all of the flavor of onion soup and topped with melted Swiss cheese and caramelized onions! Now for those who know me know how much I LOVE a good bowl of french onion soup. The beefy stock, toasted crostini, and melted Swiss are what I crave on a daily basis especially during this pregnancy. Normally a real french onion soup is made with Gruyere cheese but I wanted to make this slider a little more affordable without losing that amazing melty cheese flavor and Swiss cheese did the trick. Perfect finger food for Super Bowl Sunday or as an easy weeknight meal these little sliders are definitely a must try!


Classic Italian Lentil Soup – Zuppa di Lenticchie

lentil soup

Zuppa di Lenticchie (Lentil Soup) is a classic Italian dish served normally as a “primo piatto”. This means it is served as the first dish of a meal. In Calabria, where my family is from, dinners are normally several courses long. The first dish is the soup or pasta followed by a meat, salad, fruit, etc. Lentils used to be given as stocking stuffers during Christmas. Then once the holidays were over the woman would make this soup for their family to cleanse their stomachs of all the sweets and rich foods eaten during the passed couple of weeks. Lentil soup is the perfect dish to enjoy during the cold months of winter. Not only is it incredibly simple to make but this dish is an excellent source of fiber and rich in iron. So you can enjoy a nice warm bowl bowl of lentil soup to fill you up and keep you slim.


Semi-Homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Desserts | November 2, 2016 | By

semi-homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Don’t you love the smell of warm homemade cookies right out of the oven? Me too! These soft, chewy little hugs on a plate have to be one of my favorite go to comfort desserts of all time! They’re not too sweet and have just the right mix of oatmeal and chocolate chips. Oh yea and did I happen to mention that they’re semi-homemade?! Yep! For all my I am way too busy working and have no time to play Betty Crocker in the kitchen but I really want a warm chewy homemade cookie friends…this recipe is for you!


How to Store & Freeze Ground Poultry, Beef and Pork

How To... | November 2, 2016 | By

how to store and freeze ground meat

Do you know to store and freeze ground poultry, beef, and pork? With the winter season rapidly approaching buying meats in bulk might be a good idea. Not only will you end up saving a pretty penny but your freezer will be stocked with a variety of choices for dinner. This will especially come in handy when the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall. The picture above is a family sized pack of ground turkey. I like to use turkey meat when I can verses ground beef only because it’s leaner and healthier for you. Ground turkey can be used in a variety of recipes. For example it can be used when making little meatballs for your Mommy Feel Better Soup, when making a bolognese sauce, as a filling in empanadas, and in your homemade chili.


Creamy Tomato Bisque

tomato bisque

With the brisk wind blowing and the colorful leaves falling there is no doubt that the fall season has arrived. What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than with a warm bowl of creamy tomato bisque. It’s comfort food at it’s best. A bisque is a rich, smooth, creamy soup often made with loads of vegetables, broth and thickened with a roux (roo).


Crispy Tempura Shrimp with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sauces & Dips, Seafood | October 31, 2016 | By

sweet and sour chicken

Who new that crispy tempura shrimp was so easy to make! Don’t they look amazing? Crunchy, flavorful, and best of all fresh out of your own kitchen. No more waiting for the delivery guy and no more wondering if the food will come out good that day. Maybe it’s just me but I have tried out several Chinese food places around and have yet to find one that serves consistent good quality food every single time. Some days it’s great others not so much. Now I don’t have to worry anymore and neither do you. This tempura dish is ridiculously easy to make and takes no time at all. You can even substitute the shrimp for another meat or vegetable of your choice! The secret is the tempura batter. Once you have that made you can tempura just about anything. Another amazing and super simple recipe that I’ve added to this post is the sweet and sour sauce usually served with a tempura dish. You won’t even believe how easy it is! I’ll be honest when I first read the ingredients I was pretty skeptical. But 5 minutes later the sauce was made and tasted exactly like the restaurant!


Oven Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Appetizers & Snacks | October 31, 2016 | By

Oven Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

So what do you do with your pumpkin seeds after carving out a pumpkin? Most of you, like myself, throw them out. Well not anymore! Have you ever tried oven roasted pumpkin seeds? I made them for the first time today and they are so good! They taste like crunchy pop corn and are incredibly addicting. Not only are they tasty but after some research I found out that these little seeds pack so many of the essential vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis. They are especially good for expectant mothers, like myself, and their baby. After all this I just had to give them a try so Josh and I set out for the kitchen to begin our pumpkin seed experiment.


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