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Vegetable Fried Rice – Homemade Chinese Takeout

Pasta & Rice, Sides | October 7, 2016 | By

vegetable fried rice

Hands down the best Vegetable Fried Rice I have ever made and I am not saying this just because I made it. It really is that good. I was always intimidated by cooking Chinese food because it never came out like the restaurants until this recipe. This fried rice was better than anything you will ever order from take out hands down and its ridiculously easy to make. Now I will be honest about something. As you can see from this post I do not have step by step pictures like I normally do. This is because I genuinely didn’t think this recipe attempt was going to be any different than all the others. Every other time I’ve made fried rice it was good but something was always missing. Boy oh boy did this recipe surprise me when it came out so good! All the flavors just melded together perfectly. And can you believe it happen because I was missing a super important ingredient?!


I have so much to tell you!

Life 101 | September 23, 2016 | By


Oh my goodness! It’s been 5 months since my last post and I have so much to tell you! For starters, how about where I’ve been for so long. Well, in April Dave and I received some wonderful news. Our little family of 3 will be growing to 4 in January! We’re over the moon excited. Thank goodness it’s been all good news so far. Josh can’t wait to become a big brother. He’s even baby proofed his room and gave our dog Rocco the “your going to be a big doggy brother soon” talk. Needless to say there has been a lot of excitement around here lately. 


How To Peel a Plantain

How To... | April 4, 2016 | By

How to Peel a Plantain

Peeling a plantain can be a bit tricky. With this step by step guide you’ll be a pro in no time at all! Now I know your an adult and don’t need to hear this but I’m a mom and I just can’t help it. Please be careful when using the knife to cut into the plantain. This especially goes to those of you using a sharp professional knife like I have above. If this is your first time ever using a knife or even cutting a plantain then I suggest placing it on the cutting board before going ahead with the first step. Ok, now that I got that off my chest….let’s begin!


Boyajian Garlic Oil

Product, Reviews | April 1, 2016 | By

Boyajin Garlic Oil

Boyajian Garlic Oil is the famous garlic oil that you will find in many of my savory recipes. It was first gifted to me by my mother in law. You all know her as Mama from Mama’s Beef Stew. Well, little did she know that this garlic oil would become a staple in our home and included in so many recipes. Boyajian Garlic Oil is made with a healthful blend of pure olive oil and slowly infused with fresh garlic for an incomparable flavor and aroma. It has such an intense garlic flavor all while still smooth and not overpowering. 


Lemon Water : The Natural Detox

Lemon Water

Ok ladies we’re best friends now let’s get real for a moment. Are you bikini body ready? Yea, neither am I. To be honest I have been so bloated lately. My stomach has been a bit sour and I’ve been feeling all around yuck. Does that ever happen to you? Well I began researching the reason and found out that it could just be my body crying out for a fresh start. Obviously we can’t simply pop into the nearest market and pick out a new body. (Although that would be pretty cool.) So we need to tune up the one we already have. One way to keep our bodies clean and free from toxin buildup is by detoxing.


Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

It really doesn’t get better than a comforting bowl of Chicken Pot Pie. The warm flaky crust, and the creamy vegetables bursting with flavor make this the only pot pie recipe you will ever need! Now what I love about this recipe is that its ridiculously easy to make. For the chicken, just go to the market and pick up one of those rotisserie chickens already warmed up and ready to eat. Typically you can get one for around $5. Also pick up a package of ready to use pie crust if you don’t have one in your freezer already. Now choose your veggies. For this pot pie I chopped up a couple of potatoes, some carrots, a pint of mushrooms (which you can get already sliced) an onion, garlic, and I opened up a can of peas. Some cream, butter and seasonings and there you have it! A delectable gourmet dinner for half the cost and half the time.


Easter Bread

Breads | March 26, 2016 | By

Easter Bread Recipe

Time to make the Easter Bread! This is a very exciting year for me because it’s the first time I will be making Easter Bread on my own. In my family each woman of the house would set aside a day to make their own version of this delicious Easter treat. Then on Easter Sunday the bread would be served and also packaged and gifted. Every family has their own way of making Easter Bread. Some recipes are more of a bread type while others come out more like a cookie. The recipe I made this year came out like a soft sweet bread. The combination of the coconut oil and lemon zest give this bread a deliciously aromatic sweetness that will fill the house will pure happiness. 


White Rice (perfect rice every time!)

Sides | March 21, 2016 | By

White Rice

After years of trial and error and many dishes of mushy rice Dave and I have finally found the recipe that will give you perfect white rice every time without using a rice cooker. Guaranteed! I know your skeptical but trust me on this one. It really works. Start out by melting half a stick of butter in a medium sauce pot on high heat. (The medium pot is the one with only one handle). Once melted add 1 teaspoon of  kosher salt to the butter and mix. Now pour in 2 cups of long grained white rice and mix until the butter has coated all the rice. 


Frittelle di Fiori Zucca (Zucchini Fritters)

Piti di Fiuri2

Zucchini season is almost here! Are you as excited as I am? No? Well, that’s ok. You will be as soon as you make these irresistibly delicious Zucchini Fritters. In Italian they are called Frittelle di Fiori Zucca. Now they aren’t made with an actual zucchini but the zucchini flowers. Have you ever seen them at the market?


Savory Artichoke Pie

Sides, Vegetarian & Vegan | March 16, 2016 | By

Artichoke PieArtichoke Pie has to be one of my favorite comfort foods growing up. Coming from an Italian family where every meal was no less than 4 courses this would normally be served as a side dish. Fortunately artichoke pie is one of those dishes that you can enjoy any time of the day. It’s simply artichokes, eggs, cheese, and some herbs in a pie crust. Come to think about it this would be the perfect recipe for a nice Sunday brunch! Artichoke pie, a caprese salad, and Italian Roast coffee or Mimosas…Yum!


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